For 25 years, SeaChange has pioneered solutions to help video providers across the globe manage and monetize their content.  As the video industry rapidly evolves to meet the “anytime, anywhere” demands of today’s viewers, SeaChange’s comprehensive content, business, advertising, and experience management solutions provide a mature, cloud-enabled, any-network platform of scalable core capabilities that video service providers, broadcasters, content owners and brand advertisers need to create the personalized, indivisual™ experiences that drive viewer engagement and monetization. 


I was brought into SeaChange as the lead UX & UI Developer for their recently release Adrenaline & AssetFlow content management systems. The goals and objectives of the project were to redesign, modernize and optimize existing applications as well as upcoming releases.

This includes the design and development of a unified style guide, which will serve as SeaChange's governing principals for app development.


  • Outdated application designs.
  • No governing style guide for app development.
  • No consistency between applications
  • Complex navigation

Tools & Technology

  • Appsee / Crazyegg / HotJar / Google Analytics / Validately
  • Adobe CC (Photoshop / Illustrator / Dreamweaver)
  • Axure / Balsamiq / Jira Confluence
  • HTML / JavaScript / CSS / Bootstrap / Php


  1. Among the numerous challenges we faced, the most prominent one was the lack of a consistent and unified brand between SeaChange's top performing applications (Adrenaline, AssetFlow, eCMS). I put together a style guide built off of Twitter's Bootstrap, that would serve as the governing design guide for current and future applications.
  2. We update AssetFlow to a responsive and user-friendly framework. Redesigned and reorganized our navigation following user input from interviews, supervised and unsupervised user sessions and surveys.

Process & Final Product


Wireframe & Information Architecture

Developed and analyzed several wireframes in order to best determine how to layout the vast amount of content.


Research & Testing

Conduct several rounds of testing with internal teams in the US and The Philippines; Analyze the qualitative and quantitative data to determine next course of action.


Establishing Governing Style guide

An easy to use and easy to implement components library built off Bootstrap.