Promotional Page



Mass Digital partners with organizations across state government to transform how residents, visitors, businesses and government agencies interact with the Commonwealth.

As part of the Executive Office of Technology Services and Security (EOTSS), Massachusetts Digital Services' mission is to help partners use the best technology, design, and data to make every interaction with Massachusetts government simpler, faster, and more meaningful.


The Digital Services received a requests for a more visual and flexible content type. It would serve as a campaign site/landing page for partner agencies such as Department of Transportation (DOT), The Executive office of Technology Services & Security HR(EOTSS), The Human Resources Department (HRD) and many others. Existing page types are very structured, and are not very attractive for marketing landing pages.  Customers want other ways to communicate with their constituents.

Tools & Technology

  • Drupal 8
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • HTML / CSS / JavaScript / React

Process & Final Product

Goals & Requirements

The goal of this page is to drive conversion.

The page should consist of multiple stacked rows that can be laid out in any order. Each row will be composed of reusable components with a primary call to action. The page should be very visual and appealing, and support an immersive background images & videos at full browser width. Provide additional color themes such white text on a dark image or dark text on a light image.  

promotional page wireframes